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All the data in these tables is for the complete length of the films I have analysed,  taken between the director credit and the end title. If there is a  pre-credit sequence longer than one minute, this is added on to the  data. Shots running under the main titles are NOT included, but any  title included in the main body of the film is counted as a shot. In the table of ASLs, their length is calculated at 24 frames per second for  sound films, and silent films are calculated at the projection speed  that gives natural movement. In the 'Scope' column, 's' means the  intended projection aspect ratio of the film is 1:2.2 or 1:2.35 or wider. 't'  means that it is a 'made for television' movie, 'v' means that it went  straight to video, 'a' means that it is an animated film, 'd' means that it is a documentary. The 'Country' column only contains an entry if the film was entirely financed from one country, and the 'Studio' column  only contains an entry if one major studio financed the film. The  figures for camera movement and Scale of Shot are not the total numbers  for those films, but they are normalized to the number per 500 shots.

The tables for the various quantities are Microsoft Excel (.xls) files, and will open in any spreadsheet program that reads .xls files.

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The following table contains the complete shot descriptions for the six films studied in The Exact Remake article. The first four columns contain the timecodes for the end of every shot in the films, followed by the cumulative frame lengths for the transitions. This is converted to the lengths of the shots in video frames in the next column, and then this is converted into the shot lengths in seconds in the following column. Next is the average Scale of Shot, and then columns indicating if the shot is an Insert, a POV, or a reverse angle(RA). Finally the camera movements are described, with P meaning Pan, T meaning Tilt, PT meaning Pan with Tilt, TR meaning tracking, TPT meaning Tracking with Pan and/or Tilt, CR meaning Crane, Z meaning Zoom, and ZPT meaning Zoom with Pan and/or Tilt.

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