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Film Style and Technology: History and Analysis - 3rd. Edition

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The first and only real history of film style.

The only valid analysis of the relation of film style to film technology

New methods for the formal analysis of films

A new practical approach to film theory

Application of all the above to the analysis of the films of Max Ophuls

And it completely rewrites the first 25 years of cinema history

461 large pages. 183 half-tone illustrations.      ISBN 9780950906652

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More on the first twenty-five years of film history

Hitchcock, his style, his psychological movies, and his plot machine

Fritz Lang’s visual style

The analysis of film lighting, with examples from Max Ophuls and Alfred Hitchcock

How to direct actors

Analysis of the fundamentals of cartoon animation style

The world inside Cecil B. DeMille and Ernst Lubitsch

The analysis of the style of television drama over the last 50 years

Where early slapstick style comes from

The Sternberg process

Film Style and Technology in the ‘Nineties

440 pages and 589 half-tones   ISBN  978095090664